Help me study

Welcome to the school site for supporting learning outside of the classroom. This website is for both students and parents and allows you to access support and help for you to complete your learning when you are not physically in the classroom. Click on the links below to look at particular apps you need help with.

Independent Learning - click here to find information about independent learning, including homework timetables.


What do I do if I am stuck?

  1. Re-read the instructions carefully online.

  2. Ask and contact a friend from class who may understand tasks.

  3. Email teacher directly using classroom stream or email and await reply, remembering they could be teaching. Use this guide to write a polite message.

  4. Finally contact your head of year with work concerns.


How do I get help for my child?

  1. Encourage them to follow all steps outlined on this page first.

  2. Contact your child's head of year or email where your query will be forwarded to them.

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