St Edmund's have invested heavily in GCSEPod which will make blended learning (when lessons are taught in school and remotely at home) easier for you as students. It is an award winning website which provides expertly written, knowledge rich content for over 27 GCSE subjects and makes revising from wherever you are, on any device possible.

GCSEpod is filtered by the Exam Boards. It's like having a teacher with you when you're doing homework or revising, telling you what you need to know and because everything can be downloaded you do not have to worry about your data allowance on your phone. GCSEpod has the ability to build knowledge in sequence through unique pods (small videos) which enables you to retain and recall information on each of your chosen subjects when it is most needed.

Science has told us that dual coding works, whereby for successful retrieval of knowledge you need to combine both words and visuals. GCSEpod uses audio narration, text and images to help you remember information more clearly. In a study of 2500 students, those who engaged in this programme outside of school on average achieved 2 grades higher per subject compared to lower users and smashed their teachers' predictions too.

Use the resources below so you are able to do the following:

  • Log on by reading the details attached and using your normal school log in.

  • Become familiar with the GCSEpod layout and what it can offer you as students.

  • Start to play your Pods in order to facilitate current topics in your chosen subjects.

  • Review topics which you may not have fully understood or engaged with during lockdown in order to fill the gaps in your knowledge independently.

BRAND NEW_ GCSEPod Student Site Tour 2020 (6).mp4

Use this video guide to introduce yourself to the main features of the site.

How do I log in?

When your school has informed you that you have been registered with GCSEPod, you need to confirm some personal details so that you can

access the site:

  1. Go to www.gcsepod.com and click “Login”

  2. Click “New to GCSEPod? Get Started!” and select “Student”

  3. Enter your name, date of birth and type in the name of your school. The school’s name should appear. Click on it to confirm.

  4. Create a username and password

*If you’re having trouble finding your school, double check that you’ve entered the correct date of birth and full name as it appears on the school’s register. Some schools are known by a shorter version of their name so make sure you’re typing the full, official school name.