Year 9 Options

It has now come to that time of year for you to select your GCSE subject options. You have been able to see videos about all your option subjects and now it is time for you to choose your selection. Read the steps below carefully to complete your options form.

Step 1

  • Watch Mrs Wilcox's presentation

  • Read about the different subjects on the subject booklet here.

  • Watch the option subject videos again here.

Step 2

Discuss the following information here about what subjects you must take and what options you have. Talk with your parents or whoever cares for you.

Step 3

Make a final decision about your subjects. Go to the form which is located here. You can also access it from the Year 9 Google Classroom (remember you must be logged in with your school account to access this form). You must complete this by Monday 15th March.

Step 4

Once all the online forms have been filled in, we will:

  • Decide which courses will run. (A course may not run if it hasn’t been chosen by enough students)

  • Put the subjects into Option Blocks which ensure as many students as possible can study their choices.

  • Where it is not possible to allocate a student their three chosen subjects, use their reserve subject.

  • Send an email to each student detailing the subjects they have been allocated. At this point students will be able to either accept these subjects or request changes.