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GCSE Geography - Skinner's Academy

AQA 8035

Paper 1 topics and case studies*

Paper 2 topics and case studies*

Section A: Living with the physical environment

Tectonic hazards

Plate tectonics theory

Earthquakes and volcanoes

Hazards and risk

Nepal EQ - LIC

Nepal Earthquake

Italy EQ – HIC

Italy Earthquake

2004 Tsunami

2011 Tsunami

Weather hazards

Tropical storms

Hurricane Haiyan – Tropical storm

Tewksbury – UK extreme weather event

Extreme weather in the UK

Climate change

Section B: The living world

Biomes and nutrient cycles

Small scale ecosystem – Epping forest

Tropical rainforest the Amazon - deforestation, environmental impacts and how it can be managed sustainably

Hot deserts Mojave (Western Desert) – Characteristics, opportunities and challenges and reducing desertification

Where are deserts and what are they like?

Section C: Physical landscapes in the UK

Relief and major rivers

Coastal landscapes

Coastal processes

Coastal landforms

Coastal management

Jurassic coastline – identify its major landforms of erosion and deposition

Hastings or Fair light cove – a coastal management strategy

River landscapes

River processes

River landforms

River management

1. River Tees and its major landforms of erosion and deposition

2. Jubilee river flood relief channel – river management

Section A: Urban issues and challenges

Urban growth

Contrasts in development

Closing the development gap

Case study of an NEE City

Rio – its importance and how urban growth has created opportunities and challenges and managing environmental issues

Rio – Favela Barrio project – How urban planning is improving the quality of life for the urban poor

Case study of a major city in the UK/HIC CITY

London - its importance and how urban growth has created opportunities and challenges and managing environmental issues

Changes in London

Transport in London

An example of an Urban regeneration project - Queen Elizabeth Olympic park

Olympic park


Section B The changing economic world

2 booklets on Nigeria and UK


Global international importance and Nigeria in the wider world

Political, social and environmental aspect of Nigeria

The impacts of TNCs

The impacts on international aid

Managing environmental issues

Quality of life in Nigeria

United Kingdom (Overall revision)

How the economy has changed

UK science and business parks &

Environmental impacts of industry

Changing rural landscape

Changing transport and infrastructure - HS2 rail/ports/road and airports

North/south divide

The UK in the wider world – commonwealth and EU

Tunisia - An example of how tourism reduces the development gap

Section C The challenge of resource management

Distribution of resources and resources in the UK

The Lesotho highland water project – a large scale water transfer scheme in Southern Africa

Kielder water – large water transfer scheme in the UK

The Wakel river basin – to increase water supply sustainably

Paper 3 – Skills, fieldwork and pre-release

Numerical and statistical skills

Cartographic/map skills (Atlas/OS & other types of maps)

Reading and understanding different types of graphs

Types of data used in fieldwork

General revision on fieldwork techniques

Issue evaluation. This will be different each year. It will be based on one of the topics you have studied this year. It could be physical or human but will reference both physical and human geography.

This Year the issue is rainforest deforestation. Here are some useful links:

GCSE Geography @ Skinners’ Academy