Theme 1

Identity and Culture

Eva's videos (2020/21)

Mi gente (Año 11) Language Assistant 2.mp4

Mi gente

Listen to Eva's description of her family

Then complete this quiz to check your understanding

Video Redes Sociales (EVA)

La tecnología - Eva

In this video, we can hear about Technology with Eva.

How do you use technology?

Navidad en España Parte 1.mp4

Navidad 1

Navidad en España parte 2.mp4

Navidad 2

Copy of Carnaval, the biggest and longest party (Language Assistant).mp4

los festivales - carnaval

Watch the video about Carnaval in Covid times!

Jessica's videos 2019/20

En mi tiempo libre....mp4

El Tiempo Libre - jessica

In this video Jessica talks to her friend Priscilla about Free time.

What do you like to do in your free time?

Jessica - MI FAMILIA.mp4

La Familia - Jessica

In this video Jessica talks about her family.

Can you describe your own family, too?

Cómo eres.mp4

Cómo eres - Jessica

In this video you can hear Jessica reviewing descriptions of other people. Use this to practise physical and personality descriptions

Mis amigos y mi película favorita.mp4

Amigos y el cine - Jessica

In this video you can hear Jessica talking about free time with her friends and talking about her favourite film